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Commercial Insurance

COMMERCIAL INSURANCE (e.g. Public Liability) is primarily designated for entrepreneurs and self- employed.  It aims at providing protection against a variety of unwelcome events which may consequently lead to serious financial difficulties, including bankruptcy of the company and its owner.

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There are four types of commercial insurances:

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – it protects individuals who have a specific profession, such as plumbers, builders, electricians, brokers, doctors and IT specialists, from the costs related to the loss which may be a result of negligence, professional error or poor advice.
  • Public Liability Insurance – it provides financial protection if a compensation has been adjudicated for the damage caused to third parties or their property. In other words, this  insurance protects you from errors that have been committed by you or your employees. In particular, it is recommended in the construction and repair industry in which it is sometimes difficult to avoid mistakes and negligence, the results of which may even amount to tens of thousands of pounds. Therefore, this insurance is not a sign of luxury but common sense, especially given the fact that the number of principals who demand it is growing.
  • Landlord Insurance – this insurance does not only protect the immovable property but also  everything that is inside it.
  • Non-standard Insurance– thanks to its individualised characteristics, this insurance covers all the aspects that go beyond the scope of other types of insurance. The Non-standard Insurance may cover company car fleets, caravans, mass events, clubs, special vehicles, etc. The insurance of this type does not have a table of protected areas and items, therefore it is recommended to ask our consultant about the possibilities and conditions of its coverage.

If you cannot decide which option is the best for you, speak to our consultants who will quickly choose the most appropriate solution, tailored to your needs and financial resources. Furthermore, by having the access to our wide choice of insurers, you can be sure that you will not find a better offer anywhere else on the market. Profit Tree Finance is a reliable expert of the UK insurance market. The company has been in the industry for many years and it is regulated by FCA, CH and ICO (please see the section ‘About us’).

The benefits arising from the Commercial Insurance:

  • Indemnification of the company/economic activity against any claims
  • Protection against the consequences of errors and negligence
  • Wide choice of insurers
  • No unnecessary formalities
  • High indemnity
  • Individual approach
  • Affordable prices
  • Fast payout

If you wish to find out  how much your premium would be, talk to our consultant. The consultations in our company are at our expense, so do not hesitate and start protecting the fruit of your hard work today whilst you still have time- you are more than welcome to contact us!



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